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SUPERIOR TACTICAL KNIVES In addition to our wide selection of crossbows and knives, we also carry many of the sleeker, stealthier tactical knives that were made
popular by elite police and military forces.
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Nakura Survival Knife Silver (14")
Rambo II (First Blood) Deluxe Survival Knife
£49.98 £31.15
Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Folding 3.35" Knife
£39.98 £22.82
7" Laced Knife with Sheath
£14.99 £6.99
RUI G10 Tactical Pocket Knife with Case
£29.99 £18.65
Nakura Black Hunting Knife (12.5")
13'' Apache Black Night Ops Hunting Knife
£23.99 £12.49
RUI Pocket Knife with Skinner and Window Puncher
50LB Pistol Crossbow (Aluminum Body)
£24.98 £14.49
Set of 3 Stinger Throwing Knives (Different Sizes)
£19.98 £11.99
RUI Hunting Knife Author’s Rhino Tactical
12" Rambo Six Dagger Signature Edition
£35.99 £20.82
RUI Commando Knife (9cm Blade) with Case
7" Interweaved Sheath Knife with Pouch
£14.99 £6.99
Cobra 80LB Self Cocking Pistol Crossbow
£34.98 £21.99
50LB Pistol Crossbow (Plastic Body)
£24.98 £12.82
Rambo III (First Blood) Deluxe Survival Knife
£49.98 £35.32
RUI Hunting Knife Cuchillos Funda Tactical

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